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Naturopath in Oshawa - The kidneys are organs inside the body that have some functions. They are vital parts of the urinary system. The kidneys likewise maintain the acid-base balance, serving homeostatic functions such as the regulation of electrolytes and maintaining the water and salt balance helps in the regulation of the blood pressure. The kidneys serve the body by removing wastes and redirecting them to the urinary bladder. The kidneys act basically as the blood's natural filter.

When producing urine, the kidneys help excrete wastes like ammonium and urea from the body. They are even responsible for the reabsorption of glucose, water and amino acids. The kidneys produce various hormones too including: calcitrol, the enzyme known as rennin and erythropoietin.

The kidneys can be found at the rear of the abdominal cavity within the retro peritoneum. The blood comes into the kidneys from the paired renal arteries and flow out into the paired renal veins. Each kidney then excretes urine into a ureter. This is a tube-like paired structure that empties into the urinary bladder.

The study of Nephrology is the field in medicine which is concerned with diseases of the kidney. Kidney functioning is the study describe in renal physiology. People with kidney disease often display characteristic clinical features like for example chronic kidney disease, renal cysts, urinary tract obstruction, nephritic syndromes, acute kidney injury and nephrolithiasis.

There are even various cancers of the kidney that exist. Renal cell carcinoma is the most popular adult renal cancer. Lots of cancers, renal conditions and cysts can be managed with removal of the kidney, also known as nephrectomy. Kidney transplantation and kidney dialysis are different treatment options if renal function, that is measured by glomerular filtration rate is persistently poor.

Kidney stones are often painful and may be a nuisance until dealt with, yet they are not really harmful. Treatments making use of waves of sound can help to break up the stones into smaller pieces so that they are more easily passed through the urinary tract. Sharp pain in the medial and lateral parts of the lower back is one of the main symptoms.

Renal Physiology

The kidney is an important feature of homeostasis within the body. It is responsible for acid-base balances, regulating electrolyte concentrations, blood pressure regulation and extracellular fluid volume. The kidney works both together with different organs and independently in order to do these vital jobs. The kidneys work directly together with the endocrine system and numerous endocrine hormones coordinate these functions like: rennin, angiotensis II, aldosterone and others.

Most of the functions which the kidney performs is done by relatively basic mechanisms of reabsorption, filtration and secretion, which happens in the kidney nephron. Filtration would usually take place within the renal corpuscle. This is the process by which large proteins and cells are filtered from the blood to make an ultra-filtrate. This substance ultimately becomes urine. The kidney generates roughly 180 litres of filtrate on a daily basis. They reabsorb a large percentage of the filtrate and generate roughly only 2 litres of urine each and every day. Reabsorption is the term for the transportation of molecules from this ultra-filtrate into the blood. Conversely, secretion is the opposite process, wherein molecules are transported in the opposite direction, from the blood into the urine.

Waste Excretion
The kidneys are responsible for emitting a lot of wastes from the body which are generated by metabolism. These nitrogenous wastes comprise urea from protein catabolism and uric acid from nucleic acid metabolism.

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